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Sony Liv

Sony Liv

Sony is also one of the most popular channels in India, where many such TV shows come which rule the hearts of the audience, so the Sony Liv App has been launched where you can watch all the shows of Sony TV on your mobile.

Actually, it often happens with us that some programs keep coming on TV and due to some reason we are not able to watch that program or TV show which is our very favorite serial or program.

But now with the help of the Sony Liv App, you will be able to easily watch all those Favorite Serial, Program, or Movie which you could not watch on your TV, now you will be able to watch them whenever you want on your mobile.

For this, you should be aware of what is Sony Liv App and whom to download, it so that you can easily watch favorite shows coming on mobile using it, so let's know about this app.

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What is Sony Liv App

Sony Liv App is such an online App where you will get all the TV programs run by Sony Company on this Sony Liv App.

Also, you can watch all these TV Programs, Serials, and Movies through Sony Liv App on various channels like Sony SET, Sony MIX, Sony SEIS, SAB TV, Sony ESPN, Sony PIX, AXN, SET MAX on Sony Liv App.

Along with this, the special thing about this app is that whatever you are seeing in this app, if you close it and go to some other work, after that if you open the Sony Liv App again, then your Serial It will start from the same place from where you left it.

The full name of the Sony Liv App is SonyLIV: Originals, Hollywood, LIVE Sport, and TV Show. The name of the company that makes this app is Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt Ltd. This app has got a rating of 3.6 and this app is 30 MB which has been downloaded by more than 100 million people.

How to Download Sony Liv App

Downloading this app is very easy because you get this app in the Google play store where you can easily download it to your mobile or follow the steps given below.

Step-1 First of all you have to open the Playstore of your Android phone.

Step-2 After that you search for Sony Liv App or click on the download button given below.

Step-3 Now a logo of the Sony Liv App will appear in front of you as well as you will get the option to download or install it, as soon as you click on the install button, the app will be downloaded and installed.

How to Create an Account in Sony Liv App

Step-1 To create an account in Sony Liv App, you have to click on Sign in.

Step-2 After that it will ask you for your mobile number or email id.

Step-3 If you want to create an account with your mobile number, then you enter your number.

Step-4 After that a 6-digit OTP will come on your mobile number, you have to enter that OTP, and your account will be created.

What are the Features of the Sony Liv App

After installing the app, when you open it, this app will ask you your date of birth and also it will ask whether you are female or male.

After that you will get to see many options inside it, on the top side you get to see many options like Shows, games, Originals, Sports, Movies, and Channels.

And towards the bottom, you will get to see the option of Home, Search, Premium, My List, and More, using which you can fully enjoy this app, tell you all the channels connected to Sony TV. But you can watch all those Serials, Programs, and Movies with the help of this app.

Also, in this app, you also get the option of Premium, if you want to enjoy this app fully, then you will have to subscribe to Sony Liv App.

Subscription of this app means you have to spend Rs 199 to subscribe and you will have to spend Rs 199 once a year which is very cheap and everyone can give this amount.

Information About Premium Plan in Sony Liv

If you talk about Premium Plan in Sony Liv App, then you will get to see 3 types of plans in this app.

-LIV Special 199 Yearly

-LIV Special+ 399 Yearly

-LIV Premium 999 Yearly

Let us tell you that it is not necessary that you will get to see only a 1-year plan of this app, if you want, you can buy it for 6 months or even 1 month but in this case, you may have to spend more

What will You Get in LIV Special 199 Yearly

-Win in KBC Play Along gold 10 lakhpatis everyday

-watch highlights; live streaming of sports is not available

-All shows at the same time on TV

-Live Sports preview up to 10 mins

-Download Episodes

What to Get in LIV Special+ 399 Yearly

-Win in KBC Play Along gold 10 lakhpatis everyday

-No ads served except in sprouts preview, live linear channels, games & KBC Play Along

-All shows at the same time on TV

-live sports preview up to

-Download Episodes

What to get in LIV Premium 999 Yearly

-All of LIV Special+ and KBC Play Along Gold

-Latest International Shows

-All Live sports and TV Channels

How to Buy a Sony Liv App Subscription

-To subscribe to this Sony LIV, you have to click on the plan

-After that, you have to click on Proceed
-After this, you will get the option of payment in which you can pay with Paytm, UPI, and Phonepe.
-When your payment is completed then you can enjoy this app to the fullest.

How to Use Sony Liv App

This app can be used very easily, you have to open your account and click on whatever serials, programs, or movies you want to watch.

Another thing that you need to know is that if you do not buy a subscription to this app, then you cannot fully enjoy this app.

In this, you will get to see some Free Serials, Programs, and Movies, but whatever programs are free, you will get to see many ads in them, whereas it is not so in the premium ones.

So if you buy a subscription to Sony Liv App then you will get to see very few ads and if you buy its 999 plan then you will not get to see a single ad.

Information About TV Shows on Sony Liv App

Let us tell you that you will get to see TV Shows on every channel of Sony company live on Sony Liv App and for some reason, if you miss your program at that time, then you can watch it later on Sony Liv App too. You can easily see that you have to search the name of that program and all the episodes will come in front of you.

Information About Popular Shows on The Sony Liv App

Talking about Sony Liv's popular show, the first number in this is The Kapil Sharma Show. In this show, you are made to make people laugh by Kapil Sharma and his team, which is a very good show.

On the second number comes Sai, Patiala Babes, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, Beyhadh 2, and Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 there are many such good programs that you will not be able to take your face off your TV after watching them.

Benefits of Using the Sony Liv App

1. In Sony Liv, you get to see all the programs of Sony.

2. If you miss any of your programs, then you can watch them anytime with the help of Sony Liv.
3. If you are not in your home and your favorite serial is coming, then you can watch your serial live through Sony Liv App on your phone.

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