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In this part, you have published the biography of the main and famous people of the world. Get information (Important Facts about Famous Persons and Celebrity), so that you can know more and more about that person.

Table Of Content(toc)

What is Biography

Biography is an important genre of literature. To portray the character of a person's life, that is, the entire life story of a particular person is called a biography. The English meaning of biography is "biography". In the biography, the events happening in the life of a particular person are depicted with art and beauty. Biography is the Triveni of history, literature, and hero. In the biography, the author presents the information of the person's entire life and sufficient life with authenticity. There are many different types of biography such as personal biography, popular biography, historical biography, psychological biography, personal biography, artistic biography, etc. Even in an autobiography, a person writes a biography. But it is written by himself whereas in a biography the writer writes the biography of someone else's life. The style of writing in the biography is descriptive.

Good Judgment Comes From Experience, and Experience Comes From Bad Judgment.

Therefore a great thought of Chanakya is worthwhile:

“Learn from the mistakes of others. Your life is not long enough to learn all these by yourself. ,

By reading the autobiography of great and struggling people, we get inspiration and new revolutionary ideas are communicated in our life. Biographies or biographies often go beyond history books to look at the various lives and events that shaped the world. From revolutionaries, politicians, and great figures to modern icons, these biographies tell personal stories, and highlight achievements, and failures that can impress readers and solve eternal life questions.

Definition of Biography

According to Dr. Ramprakash (D.U. Professor), in the modern period, due to the abundance of "prose" along with "verse" and the abundance of composition methods of various genres, in place of old-fashioned character-poetry, new forms of poetry have also been developed. The tradition of writing prosaic characters or biographies continued, whose short and unanimous definitional name is "biography".

In the biography, there is a depiction of the past and a systematic description of true events. In the biography, the writer portrays the life struggles of a person as well as his inner nature and personality.

Famous litterateur Shri Ramnath Suman has written that "The name of the description of the events of life is biography. Here the writer puts the hidden development in the life of the hero, the secret of his personality, and his main lifeline and puts it in front of the readers, there the art of biographical writing is meaningful. The art of biographical writing is not satisfied only by showing the visible form of a man from above, it penetrates that cover and reveals the inner nature and inner truth.

Keeping in mind the above nature of biography, Babu Gulabrai has presented its definition in these words, “Biography is not a depiction of events but a depiction. It is the genre of literature and has all the qualities of literature and poetry. He is an artistic representation of the inner and outer nature of a human being.

Expected Qualities of Biography

Biography is such a genre of prose literature in which a mixed process of 'art', criticism, and discussion works, so its elements can neither be represented like elements of novel, story, drama, etc. nor can be essay or criticism. As such, its criteria can be determined. It has its own wonderful format, in which the story, character, qualities, interpretation everything remains. Therefore, the "biography" writer had to take care of some essentials, without which the biography cannot become a complete and successful biography.

Today, biography is a popular genre of literature. Its writing should have a scientific point of view and verifiable facts. The more artistry there is in the art of writing, the more authentic the biography will be considered. This genre in Hindi literature whose future is bright.

Why Is It Beneficial To Read Biography?

  1. Teach us valuable life lessons.
  2. brings us closer to a historical perspective.
  3. Promotes self-discovery
  4. Inspires us to face failure.
  5. broadens our knowledge of general culture.

It is interesting and beneficial to read the biography full of good and bad experiences of great personalities from all over the world. We get to know how they faced their problems, how they believed in themselves, how they were able to harness their talents, and how they oriented their lives. It is the one who helps us to direct our own lives and gives an ideal life philosophy.

Biography Of Famous People

Based on the biography of famous people, this part is for all those readers and students who are willing to read the information related to the life of famous people, from the biography of any person, you can bring many changes in yourself too. And you can earn their successes within yourself, in the biography of the famous person, you can read the information related to the person's struggle, life-death, successes, life, education, and family. Dear friends, the information published here was published by the GK-Section team through the internet and after getting it from the blogs, if the information about the life span of any person is wrongly published, then please we have given the email comment. Help us improve through

Biography of Great Personalities

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