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Raangi Movie Release date, Cast, Trailer and Ott Platform. All You Need to Know

Raangi Movie Release date, Cast, Trailer and Ott Platform. All You Need to Know
Image Credits: timesofindia | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Lyca Productions, Netflix

Raangi Movie Release date, Cast, Trailer and Ott Platform. All You Need to Know

Raangi Movie Release Date 2022 Confirmed: Find out the 2022 movie release date of Raangi 2022 with episode details, cast and story.

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Raangi Movie OTT Release Date

Raangi is the most exciting film/web-series of today, fans are more and more eagerly waiting for the first release of Raangi. Are you eagerly waiting to know the release date and time of Raangi? Keep reading this article to know when Raangi is coming on Netflix? Raangi on the movie platform may be released on 30 December 2022 Raangi Film/Web-Series was directed by M. Saravanan. In the below sections you will get the details of Raangi Movie release date in Netflix.

Movie Name


Release date

30 December 2022

Directed by

M. Saravanan



Production Company

Lyca Productions

OTT Platform



Release date: 30 December 2022

Where to watch: Netflix

The fans who were eagerly waiting for the movie can read this article to get more details. Where to watch the film and the cast of the film is updated here. Raangi is one of the most trending series currently, with episodes being released one after the other. Raangi's gripping plot can be attributed as one of the main reasons why the film has managed to gain such popularity with fans looking for Raangi, which we mentioned in the section above.

Raangi Movie Trailer or Teaser

Raangi Movie release date in Netflix

Netflix is the most exclusive online platform where most of the movies/web-series are shown in their current state. Many people have a paid subscription or get a Netflix subscription and appreciate watching the hottest movies/web-series on the web. Lyca Productions is presented online in the present circumstances, moreover, people also lean towards watching movies/web-series online without any disparity. As a result, Netflix fills up as an exceptional platform to watch the most interesting movies/web-series on the web.

Now the next film/web-series to be released on Netflix is Raangi. Raangi Movie release date in Netflix is expected on 1st April 2022. Subscribe or get a subscription to Netflix and enjoy watching Movies/Web-Series.

When is Raangi Coming to Netflix?

In today's scenario most of the people are more excited to watch Raangi online because they are more attracted towards the trailer of Raangi. In this scenario, people prefer to watch a film/web-series with a specific plot and action sequence of the event. Thus Raangi is more interesting and people are more eager to know the release date of Raangi. Raangi is scheduled to release on 30 December 2022. Fans and followers are more excited to watch Raangi Online, thus you can enjoy watching Raangi Online from 1st April 2022 on Netflix, the leading online platform of today's scenario.

Raangi Film Cast

Details about the cast of the major film/web-series are below, check out the highlights of Raangi's main characters here

  • Trisha

The above list gives you all the details about the cast of Raangi . Continue reading to know more details about Raangi and when is Raangi coming to Netflix?

Where to watch Raangi online?

Raangi, which is to be released on 30 December 2022. As the film/web-series of today's scenario has released online and in theatres, Raangi will be released exclusively on Netflix, the flagship movie for fans to watch and enjoy the movie online. People can watch Raangi online on Netflix.

How to watch Raangi?

Today's scenario people are used to watching movies online, thus in this era of scientific development, films/web-series are mainly released online. Raangi will be issued online for the users to watch the film/web-series without any difficulty. People can enjoy watching movies/web-series online by getting a paid subscription to the online application software. People can watch Raangi online by subscribing to the paid subscription of the application.

Raangi 2022 is a Film/Web-Series directed by M. Saravanan and under the banner of Lyca Productions.

Film/Web-Series Stars

  • Trisha

This film/web-series was released on 30 December 2022.

The film/web-series as referenced can be watched on Netflix. The cast, characters of the film/web-series have been refreshed above along with the movie delivery date. It will be really interesting to see the film/web-series where the director of the film/web-series has put incredible effort for the success of the film/web-series.

About the movie Raangi

Raangi Movie is a film directed by M. Saravanan in which

  • Trisha


As mentioned above, the film can be seen on Netflix. The cast, characters of the film have been updated above with ot release date. It will be really interesting to watch the film where the director of the film has made an incredible effort for the success of the film.

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Raangi Highlights

Raangi Movie can watch the film on Netflix. There are other characters in the film as listed above, so enjoy watching the movie with your family and friends. The release date of the film along with the cast, trailer information is given above. Raangi is one such series that has been on the viewing list for many of these binge watchers.

Raangi Movie Release Date - FAQ

1. When is Raangi Movie release date?

Raangi Movie release date is 30 December 2022.

2. On which movie platform we can watch Raangi movie?

Raangi movie will release on Netflix. So the audience can appreciate watching the movie/web-series by purchasing it in Netflix.

3. Who are the cast of Raangi?

The cast of Raangi includes

  • Trisha

4. How to watch Raangi movie on the platform?

People can watch Raangi movies online by subscribing to the paid subscription of the application.

5. Who is the director of Raangi?

Raangi is a Film/Web-Series released in 2022, directed by M. Saravanan.

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